Chris Mills

Internal Services Manager, AXA Assistance (UK) Ltd. |

“I would like to thank CBI for the works carried out at our office in Athlone. The odds were heavily stacked against us (well more on CBI’s part) to have the office up and running in the 3 – 4 week period that we had. I had my doubts that we would be up and running as quickly and efficiently as we were, considering furniture had to be ordered and delivered from the UK. Along with all the building materials that had to be ordered and delivered to site in time for every thing to fall in to place. I was impressed that every part of the project was completed by the deadline date. From the ‘Comms Room’ right down to the plants and crockery supplied. We did a fit out here in the UK 3.5 years ago. Believe me the company we used weren’t any where near as efficient as CBI. Our Senior Management Team have just been to the office for an official opening and were very impressed with the entire fit out.”