A break out area describes any space open to employees or visitors that is separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for employees to relax, eat their lunch and even hold informal meetings. It can be designed as an informal meeting and socialising areas with soft seating and acoustic screens provide scope for collaboration with privacy within an open plan environment.This provides savings on the need to construct walls/dividers and offers a fluid,relaxed work experience.


This provides the end user with a relocatable/reusable solution for creating individual work and collaboration spaces. Available in solid, single or double glazed varying degrees of DB rating and fire rating can be achieved. Internal window blinds and manifestation provides options of part or full privacy and the opportunity to create a corporate brand/ message throughout the work environment. 


Designed as work areas and personal spaces the open plan environment provides the employee with an ergonomic place to work and share with colleagues. Bench or individual desking in straight or 120 degrees can be incorporated into a set height or height adjustable work floor plate. Sit stand desks are available as standard from a number of our suppliers product offering. Acoustic panels on the desk or free standing on the floor or affixed to the walls or ceilings can provide improved acoustics in the open plan area. 


 This design feature can be used to define work areas and to add colour, themes and branding to work spaces. Building Regulations require that routes of escape are defined using variations in floor covering, Now available in an extensive range of colours, styles and patterns, carpet tiles can be used in unique ways and to create effects, or can be used in more familiar ways to cover large floor spaces.



By using graphics onto walls or demountable partitioning this provide opportunities for branding, creating privacy and signage.




  A canteen space is an important part of the workplace. This space is worth more than simply somewhere for staff members to eat during break times. The canteen space is also a place for staff to relax and socialise, getting away from their office environment.These collaborative spaces can  also provide gaming and internet hubs. Larger companies tend to use the space for Townhall meetings along with smaller one to one informal meetings. We can design comfortable, flexible fun spaces with various kitchen designs, kitchenettes and coffee dock areas. 


 The focal point of many companies, we can design and source bespoke boardroom tables, chairs, credenzas and AV walls. AV can be integrated into the table providing a seamless, design driven solution.





 Collaboration spaces provide opportunities for casual or formal meetings. They can encourage idea generation and encourage employees to interact with various teams throughout their organisation. White boards and projector screens allow people to illustrate ideas and communicate them clearly to colleagues. An integral part of communication, visual display helps to document, reinforce, and focus group members on a shared project or idea and encourage participation.






 Every business has their own individual storage requirement. We can provide person centred or shared storage options. Storage can be provided through structural or mobile pedestals, storage walls, or moveable storage for archived files.




 Having a trained workforce means your workers are benefiting from new skills that can improve production. It is an integral part of any organisation. We can create flexible training areas which can provide classroom or collaborative style training. With the help of tilt top tables and stackable chairs. This space can be extremely flexible and easy to accommodate sufficient numbers.




  Businesses need areas to facilitate interaction with groups of varying sizes, for in-house and external meetings. Private, enclosed meeting rooms can be used for more formal meetings with no interruptions. These spaces can vary in terms of style, function and application. The style of your meeting room can represent the type of business you are and what the company represents.




 The IT infrastructure of an organisation is key to the smooth operation of all activities. We can provide effective and clever power management options for all activities from work space levels to meeting and collaborative spaces. Through the integration of technology into furniture and the interior architecture it is possible to facilitate the connection of people with technology providing access to information, enabling information and ideas sharing and plug and play opportunities.


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